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    Small Kitchen Design Ideas on a Budget

    Are you one of the blessed ones who are currently space-challenged because of your small kitchen space? No worries. Below are tips for small kitchen owners. Such ideas will help you tend to be more ergonomically right and will make you work faster in terms of food preparation. In addition, you will also be able to save more time, money and energy. You can also check out tips for larger sized kitchens here.

    Small Kitchen Design Ideas That You Can Apply At Home With a Low Budget

    The tips provided here will help you improve on ergonomics and aesthetics, maximize space, and make this part of the house a happier and better place to stay in.

    Tip 1: Keep It Light

    If you prefer to have dark-colored paints in your kitchen, you can save it for your next home. For the first advice, try to lighten up your kitchen by using light paints. This will instantly make you feel that there’s a lot of space in the area. Some of the recommended colors are apple crisp, chai latte, and popped corn paint.

    Tip 2: Make the Space

    There are times that the house you are in simply doesn’t just have enough space. Take for example an efficient apartment that only has the basic areas such as a generalized living or eating space, one bedroom, and a bathroom, there’s not enough space for a kitchen.

    Therefore, for the “non-existent” kitchen, the best tip is to buy or create a pull in the free-standing kitchen furniture to lessen the weighty feel of the common or classic design of built-in kitchen cabinetry.

    Tip 3: Shrink the Sink

    The most common practice of every homeowner or home renter is to create a 12-foot long combination of counter and sink making it easy to ignore the alternatives.

    Why not hide away the sink in its own space, which will free up the other parts of the kitchen for food preparation. Why not prioritize its related practical uses. From this idea, you can surely come up with a space-saving kitchen design.

    Tip 4: Keep Floor Tile Light and Large

    Take advantage and use the visual illusion technique. Design experts noted that small floor tiles can make your kitchen area look cramped and feel busy, while the large ones can make it appear larger and feel airier.

    In terms of admonition, with the very narrow center floor of the galley kitchen, laying down large tiles will only look odd, especially if it appears parallel to the kitchen cabinets.

    Tip 5: Go All Out with the Backsplash

    If you are someone who likes and appreciate art and details than any average person, small and uninteresting kitchen will surely make you feel empty. To help you on this matter and have that space you will surely adorn, you need to choose the right backsplash that can satisfy your eyes for details and art.

    It is not too much for a square footage; therefore if you prefer glistening glass mosaic, lavish limestone, or antique tin tile backsplash, chances are good that your allotted budget can support it. You don’t necessarily need fancy granite countertops to have a great kitchen.

    To liven up your small kitchen, having a fancy backsplash can surely make it possible. 

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    What’s Better, Granite or Quartz?

    Ever wonder why many people all over the world prefer granite vs quartz regarding countertops?If you still don’t know then today is the day that you would learn something about it. Granite is the excellent material for the job, and lots of people know that. That is the reason why it is the most popular material for your kitchen countertops as well as in your bathroom. You might probably know it already, but I would emphasize it further.

    The first step in understanding the difference in these two is to know that we are in fact discussing three materials. Granite comes in two forms – engineered and slab. During manufacturing, quartz kitchen countertops and engineered granite countertops have similar structures. The only one that is different is slab granite, and this is because it’s taken directly from its natural form in rocks.

    Now that you know the difference you may be asking yourself the question is the end product 100% stone? Yes, both are stones. Granite comes in pure form as well as engineered. Quartz, on the other hand, is a stone that is found naturally in the environment. However the quality and consistency do not make for good viewing in its natural form, so a quartz kitchen countertop will always be engineered.

    There are many differences between granite and quartz. Some of these things that matter so much that it is also the reasons why people would pick granite vs quartz. Some of these reasons are the benefits that they would have with granite, the issues that accompany the installation and the cost of the material and the installation as well. And if you are one of the thousands of people who chose granite for their countertops, then congratulations. You made a great decision.

    The price of granite greatly varies, and it depends on a lot of factors. One of these factors is the type of granite. The coarser ones are much cheaper, could cost you around 600 to 800 dollars a for a 96-inch slab. But for the finer ones, you can buy it for almost a thousand dollars, and that still varies. There are also other factors that would affect the price of the finish and other stuff. Plus, you also have to buy the necessary equipment that you would use for the granite to be installed, just in case you don’t have them and just in case you plan to do the installation yourself. Otherwise, you would have to pay the professionals who would do it.
    Now, when getting a contractor to do the job of installing the granite countertop and everything, you should be sure that the one who would do it is qualified. Finding a contractor is pretty much similar to finding a product. You should ask around and take people’s advice. Once you get someone to make sure to meet them first before they do the job and make sure that you are comfortable to have them working in your kitchen. After they do the job, check it thoroughly and make sure that you are also satisfied with what they did or otherwise tell your contractor about it if you are not satisfied.
    Do not always do everything yourself because sometimes, doing things yourself could end up in disaster. Sometimes, it is better to leave it to the hands of the professionals who know what they are doing. And this a perfect example of that time. Although you can do it yourself, no doubt about that, you can never be sure that you could do it perfectly and without a problem. That is why heed my advice and leave it to the professionals when things get risky and to avoid disaster. Thank you and have a nice day.
    The main reason that many people do not consider granite vs quartz for their kitchen is the price. Because of market forces, the price of both materials constantly changes. Factors which may affect its price are home location, installation, and production costs. Granite and quartz have over the years felt pressure from consumer groups due to the possible existence of radon, which is a radioactive gas that is linked to cancer of the lungs. The gas is found in the natural form of granite and quartz. Tests have proven that in the engineered form radon gas cannot be detected in granite or quartz. Small amounts can be detected in slab granite.
    The process of making quartz countertops uses natural quartz that is mixed with color pigments and polymer resin. During the chemical reaction, both particles combine to produce the rich color quartz stone that you see. The same process is true for engineered granite. If you’re looking for something that is 100 percent natural then choosing granite slabs for your kitchen countertop is your best option, as it is found naturally in granite rocks.