How to Maximize Your Hallway Space

Many people overlook the potential that their hallway space offers them. Perhaps you see your hallways as too narrow to be useful. However, when designed correctly, you can maximize your hallways space and find many hallway storage ideas that will allow you to get the most from this unused area. Use these tips to maximize your hallways space and improve the look of your home.
Hallway storage ideas

Furniture can be placed in even the most narrow hallways. The key is to look for slim-designed pieces that won’t stick out too far. Furniture such as console tables, antique chests, or even slender coat racks will look beautiful and serve a functional purpose. Chests and dressers can be used to store towels, blankets, or even out of season clothing. The tops of these items can be attractively decorated with flowers, knick knacks, or artificial flowers.

Shelving and hooks are the perfect storage solution as they will provide a spot to hold bags, umbrellas, jackets, and so on. The hooks are convenient, easy to install, and will take up virtually no room. This is an easy way to maximize your hallway space and keep frequently used items at your fingertips.

Bookcases, whether built-in or freestanding, provide ample hallway storage space and are an attractive addition in any room. Be sure to paint them the same color as the walls to provide a consistent flow.

Hallway decorating ideas

To brighten up your hallway, and give it the appearance of being larger, brighten it up with a wall sconce. Always remember if you are punching nails into the wall to hit the stud by using a good stud finder.

Wall sconces are a beautiful way to gently illuminate the area, and they add a touch of class to the walls. They don’t take up any space, and are available in a multitude of colors, styles and shapes.

To make your hallway appear wider, use a combination of wainscoting and paint. Wainscoting can be installed on the lower portion of the walls, which will help protect them, and paint can be used on the upper area to brighten it up. This will help depth to the space.

Alternative uses for hallways

If you have adequate space, you can create an small office area right in your hallway. A drop down desk, a roll-out keyboard, built in shelves, and a small bookcase can create an impromptu work or study area.

Use your hallway as an unexpected space for a bar. A small chest of drawers, a slender console, or other slender furniture piece can store bottles, glasses, and napkins. Use the top of the furniture to display an ice bucket, your favorite bottle of wine, and so on.

With a little imagination, you can maximize your hallways space and find many uses for a space that had once been ignored.

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